College Football brings in Billions & Shares $____ with The Universities???

Join me as I interview Pulitzer Prize winning author Gilbert M. Gaul about college football. The amount of money being generated by this sport will blow your mind, and where the money goes may or may not make you want to scream!

billion“A penetrating examination of how the elite college football programs have become ‘a giant entertainment businesses that happened to do a little education on the side.’”Mark Kram, The New York Times

Two-time Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Gilbert M. Gaul offers a riveting and sometimes shocking look inside the money culture of college football and how it has come to dominate a surprising number of colleges and universities.                                                                


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What The Hell is Going on with The Pope

When I read this headline today it made me sick at my stomach: “Pope Francis: Priests Can Forgive Abortion If Women Are ‘Contrite.” I’m sorry, but I have to ask, “Who in the hell do they think they are to decide who gets forgiveness?” What are you kidding me? And the media is (surprisingly) praising the Catholic Church and the Pope as if they have done something incredibly gracious?

One out of three women in America have had an abortion. And the Pope and Priests are saying to them, we are the ones who will determine if God will forgive you. Please people, let that sink in for a moment. These men are saying they have the power to forgive sin. They are saying that if a woman comes to them and is “contrite” then they will have the power to forgive (should I repeat that point again). But don’t get your hopes up ladies, because this church which is run by all men is only extending its grace temporarily. If you don’t get in on the ground floor of their forgiveness you will be missing out on God’s grace.

I realize people are seeing this as a step forward, but it’s time to stop taking baby steps and leap into the 21st century! And it is time to stop saying, “Who am I to judge” and then telling someone if they don’t rush to get forgiveness they will be burdened with an unpardonable sin for eternity. You can’t say, “Who am I to judge” and then say your lifestyle and/or the choices you make are an abomination to God. You aren’t just judging…you are saying that you are the judge. It is extremely ironic to me that a church will set a time limit on forgiveness for women who have an abortion, but not limit forgiveness for their priests that raped children.



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How Much Authority should A Pastor have in Your Life?

Pic from

Pic from

Before I offend some of you let me make something clear about pastors. There are many amazing men and women in the ministry today, and they have your best interest at heart. They love and serve you, officiate your wedding(s), and help bury your loved ones while comforting you. They don’t fly off on exotic vacations in a private jet, and many don’t even drive a decent car. However, there are some who use the name of God to gain power they abuse and don’t deserve.

I hear people refer to their pastors as a “spiritual leader” and I can fully understand that phrase. And then, there are those who say their reverend has the “authority” to speak into their life. If you don’t speak Christianeese let me help you out with that one. That means the pastor can tell them what decisions to make. It also means that they blindly allow them to interpret the scriptures for them. Now, my goal is not to offend anyone, but when I hear that someone has that level of trust in a pastor (or any human being) it scares the hell out of me.

I would caution anyone from giving another human being authority over their life, and I would surely caution someone from allowing others to speak truth into it. Yes, I was a pastor for almost 10 years, but I never felt it gave me “authority” over anyone’s life. I was simply a pastor who had one goal…to help others live a better life.

The video I posted below will be offensive to some, but please…please pay close attention to what John Oliver is saying in this video. Yes, he is saying it with a great amount of sarcasm and at times he’s crude, but the point should be driven home. Not every pastor deserves the authority they are given…it is something that should be earned. When they uses phrases like “God told me to tell you” then that doesn’t make it true. And when they tell you to give so that you will be blessed that is even worse. Think about it for just a moment, how is giving money to a pastor so you get more in return honoring to God? Is that love? Do you think a God of love would make you give a pastor $1,000 so HE will heal you?

I fully believe most pastors deserves your respect, and should be given the same level of care they provide to others. Trust me, it is a very stressful and difficult job. But if a pastor begins to exert or even say he has authority in your life then buyer beware. Side note, if a pastor has a brand, meaning he or she is putting their face and name on everything, run! If it’s all about them…it’s definitely not about God or you.  


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My Secret to Gaining 40 Pounds, Increasing Inflammation, & Feeling Like Crap


Before & After

I was in the best shape of my adult life almost 2 years ago. I was back down under 180 lbs, running almost 50 miles a week, and had even run a half-marathon right around 7:30 per mile pace.

And while my lovely wife thought I was getting too thin she supported me as I began to dream (once again) about qualifying for the Boston Marathon. I was basically a vegetarian, and honestly felt amazing. So what happened?

Gaining weight and becoming unhealthy doesn’t happen overnight although it sure as hell feels that way. Right? Losing weight is like watching paint dry, and gaining it back seems to happen in a day. But for me it started with allowing bad habits to creep back into my life…to name just a few:

  • Light Beer in moderation vs. an IPA like they are getting ready to reenact prohibition
  • Salad with with light dressing & salmon vs Sandwich with cheese and mayo
  • Gluten Free Organic Quinoa Pasta vs Pizza or Regular Pasta
  • Eating at Home vs. Restaurants
  • Skipping Chips & Salsa vs. “Could you bring a block of cheese and bucket of chips?”

Now, let me say before I go on…please don’t send me diet recommendations. I do appreciate your concerns, but I’m almost 50 years-old and this isn’t my first fat-ass rodeo. I know how to lose weight and eat right…I’ve just chosen not to do so. I know there are a million great options to choose from out there.

Another thing that really helped me go from lean and mean to rollie and pollie were injuries. If I had to take a few days off from running it devastated me. I should have learned from the injuries, and started cross training. There are apparently these things out there called bicycles…I’m looking into it. Overtime I just gave up. I’ve never done that before…I seriously gave up and went months without exercising or eating right! And this week while standing on the scales I saw a number that I’ve never seen before. I even turned around to see if one of my kids had joined me on the blasted thing!

So I share this in hopes it will help me feel accountable to change. I’ve at least started to exercise again, and my next step is ditching the bad habits I’ve allowed to creep back into my life. Wish me luck, and remember…I only need your support not your diet tips. :)

To be continued.


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Talk Dirty to Me: The Dirty Bucket Brewery Live

BASE LOGOEver wanted to open your own business? How about a micro-brewery? The owner of The Dirty Bucket Brewery joins my podcast today to talk about beer, opening a brewery, and allowing your passions to guide you!

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